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For over 25 years, Control Growth Now has attempted to protect and enhance all that makes Sarasota County a special place to live, work and visit.

Together, we endeavor to balance the big developers who use their largess with politicians to gain at the expense of our mobility, neighborhoods, environment, schools and quality of life. We work to control development in a way that is responsible and to make growth pay its own way rather than placing the costs of growth on the backs of the taxpaying public.

We also seek integrity in our elected officials, by calling out breaches of the public trust and supporting ethical candidates who seek to serve you, not just the special few.

Join us today in striving for a better tomorrow, for ourselves and for generations yet to come.

Join Control Growth Now, attend our events if you can, and do your part for a better tomorrow.

It's too important not to care.

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Over 25 Years of Service
On April 14, 1989, an organization was born with the mission of controlling growth and development in Sarasota County in a way that protects residents, taxpayers and the environment. Originally named GEO and changed in 2003 to Control Growth Now, our grassroots citizens group has had a major impact on the growth and environmental policies of Sarasota County and its cities.

The CGN Agenda
Leading state and local politicians are calling for weaker controls on development, to allow more traffic congestion, taxpayer subsidies of developers and environmental harm in order to spur even more of the overdevelopment that has crashed our economy. Control Growth Now has a six-point plan to counter these schemes, in order to protect our homes and our community.

March 2010 Newsletter

March 2010 Newsletter

Paving Paradise and Gridlocking Roads

The Sarasota County Commission breaks precedent by allowing a developer to pave over valuable wetlands for a Whole Foods at University Parkway and Honore Avenue and to build without needed road improvements to handle the traffic. Click here

Small School Impact Fee Cheats Children and Taxpayers

The Sarasota County School Board sets the school impact fee at a mere fourth of what it expert recommends, the third lowest in the state, leaving a shortfall for school construction which will rob funds needed for maintenance, improvement, technology and safety.
Click here

A Victory for Sarasota Utility Customers

The Sarasota City Commission finally restores the water and sewer impact fees on developers and studies a rollback of utility bills on residents and businesses, after four years of advocacy for this by Control Growth Now. Click here

Normille and Zimmerman for Sarasota City Commission

In the Sarasota City Commission election March 10, 2015, and in a May 12 runoff if that occurs, Control Growth Now endorses incumbents Eileen Normille in District 2 and Stan Zimmerman in District 3. Both are experienced, intelligent public servants with superior principles to serve the interests of taxpayers, mobility, neighborhoods and the environment. CGN also congratulates District 1 City Commissioner Willie Shaw, who also has those attributes, on his reelection without opposition.

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March 2014 Newsletter

March 2010 Newsletter


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